I've been with friends whom fall short of understanding their commitments with their girlfriend. Over time they take them for granted, the love is lost and a composed mind set emerges without
options. It is imperative to never take your partner for granted. Never forget what it is like to have a bad girlfriend, much less alone.

Treat her with respect and give her a sensation of security and comfort. Take her places, show her that you really care deep in your heart. Don't play games with her for it is cruel, instead, give her
a kiss and tell her you'll always be there and mean it. Never lie to her, trust is the foundation of any relationship.

One of the most important obligations are the ones to yourself. Priorities are your own foundation, financial success and career progression go hand-in-hand with your relationship and both
require ample maintenance.

Treat your partner well and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor by heart.
Anew of Two & Obligations
by Cayle Rose
Written on 10/2/2008