Collective Thinking & Intrepid Actions
by Cayle Rose
Written on 1/8/2009
      I believe in dissemination of experiences and what such action can achieve. Spreading positive influence mar disparaging actions - to what is known. I have always written instruction to a
moral foundation, ways to help others through pure and positive action. Today, I shall write not to my internet readers, but to the people I have known personally such as my old friends,
colleagues and acquaintances, excluding the individuals related.

      I have witnessed after graduating high school many of my dearest friends have chosen regrettable paths which will effect their lives for the foreseeable future such as destructive drugs,
unscheduled pregnancies and suicide. Many of which derives from relationships and destructive choices following them, and I say this from witnessing it for myself through my close and
deceased friends. Thus through this I feel obligated to share my advise.

      I see many people on Social Networking sites making destructive decisions like, dropping out of school from depression or recently another instance, a young lady quitting her job because
her ex-boyfriend works with her. We both know that relationships can cause a lot of problems and stress with young adults. Sigmund Freud said, "Love that is not madness is not love", and
what he meant by that simply put - Love (oxytocin) will cause irrational decision making, for that which is the foundation of love.

      Such stress in my opinion must not be induced on those in college striving for a better life for it may determine the grades that you make, which is the exact opposite from the ideal
relationship. The idea of a partner is to assist you in hard times and make life much easier either emotionally or financially. Many of my friends have had the wrong idea of a relationship, they
needed the feeling of oxytocin to be complete and didn't consider their partner's agenda which in most cases end in emotional devastation.

      I have always told younger folks to ignore temptation and focus on their education. Later on they may learn that appearances do not really mean much at all, it is the actions that they take,
thought process and occupation which defines a person. I have always said that any fool can make love, but only so few can succeed. Education and financial gain are most important in the life
which we live, I implore that the majority of my friends can grasp that before their time of opportunity ticks away.