I sit here tonight as a witness to mischievous actions and a covenant of distinguished sorrow. My statements are hard to conceive, but I hope for the few to swallow.

I mar in the name of those whom fall short of morality. That is which keeps us civil, is becoming distinct to most individuals. Further progression changes us into becoming what we hate most
and fear by consequence - In which I have written Lust & Cheating. As a witness to the shame and deception of the majority, I perform the actions of my moral conscience - orchestrating
forgiveness and understanding against a many of will; which is the foundation of maturity and strength.

Despairingly, there is a climax to where the ill can no longer embrace such a foundation. They pause as the entirety of their lives cease to evolve; their progression becomes blind and
consequence thrives with its parasitic ways. The lost have a chance to grow and bloom, but so few grasp it. A leep of faith requires Endurance, without it, the expected sensation of satisfaction
and joy is hollow facing the outcome; where there is no end of anguish, there is no rejoice for the success of the ill discovering it's moral foundation.

A moral foundation requires Anew of Two & Obligations, bare not infringed diplomacy for it derives deception. Recant your misguided ill judgments and allow morality to rejuvenate thy soul
with the fruits of your maturity - for Lies, Morality & Happiness shall forever be enthroned.

This is the combination of words of which I have chosen tonight. This piece compiles four of my late works as diverse statements. Reading those which are underlined will excogitate more
Consequence derives Progression
by Cayle Rose
Written on 1/27/2009