People in general have no concept of endurance. The first thought that comes to mind when the word is mentioned is the physical stamina of an individual. The endurance in which I speak of is
the conscience of an individual; morally how far can one go.

Every crush, relationship and marriage requires endurance. One whom relinquishes from a successful relationship submits to false promises, in turn, is limited. Endurance is the unlimited
motivation to improve your relationship and strive for a better life no matter how hard it may be. Strength derives from endurance relationship wise; it is what grants you immunity to lust and
seduction - preventing the effects of what they may bring to your significant other and the foundation of a relationship.

George Washington lost almost every battle that he fought, but he endured it and from his endurance came forth his success. It is what subconsciously drives us to yearn for better; it is what
motivates the best of us to never give up hope. It is the feeling in our hearts to rather suffer eternally than to ever cheat or harm our loved one. Not enough people have such endurance anymore
as our culture is breaking down. Relationships are now fabricated to mediocrity; I feel lost in this deserted mist. You must refuse to become one of them. Where do you stand? How much can
you endure?
by Cayle Rose
Written on 3/17/2009