I feel so compelled, so passionate to express my symphony of ideals on record for the benefit of those who seek experience and guidance. Tonight I wish to share my amity, and mar not the
affectionate heart. Please enjoy this intricate twist chaste and passion.
We each are jerked and turned into paths we do not wish. Crushed and many times weakened by each touch of fate. What many can not grasp, is that you have the power to direct your world in
any way you desire. You will find yourself touching your own ambitions only to find them true. The path you choose will intertwine in similar paths, thus creating a perfect orchestration of
destiny with flawless combination of events and sequences of fate.
Your reward for such perseverance is the path of another dancing in harmony with your own. These two entities then form a new path, with love and endurance, your paths shall be written in
complete coherance for as long as God allows.
Knowing this, here you sit contemplating your own future, questioning who or what it will convey. You will know who this person is immediately. The more you run toward your dreams, the
better everything shall be.

To my wife, whoever you may be..
I love you.
Eyes of Anew & Passion in Faith
by Cayle Rose
Written on 5/7/2010