From the start, I've always seen people jump into relationships as if they 'Need' a significant other. As if the fact of being single is a bad thing. What ever happened to patience and friends?
I have seen friends meet someone and start dating within the first month, its like, completely skip all of the factors, skip everything and just get to it.
Ladies and Gentlemen, be yourself.
You don't need anyone but YOU.
If you've come to a point where you want more than a friend, find someone intelligent.
So many of my friends from High School & College have gotten pregnant with the lowest.. pathetic, ignorant men that I have ever seen.
They look dumb, wear juvenile cloths, play video games all day and spend money they work for to pay for their debt they were stupid enough to get into.
---I've seen it, time after time. Its disgraceful.
It is like people who have more drama and frustration in their lives are the ones in relationships.
If a relationship isn't good, don't bother with it.
Can you imagine spending the rest of your life with this person?
..That is a long fucking time!
Successful relationships start out as best friends..
That is what you always hear on TV, "I married my best friend"
Ladies and Gentlemen, I implore you. - Meet someone nice or don't even bother.
Life is difficult, that is why two people get together to build a better one.
Buying a house and building material-being is much harder alone.
This is why we have Partners.
---Relationships are not designed to make your life more difficult, but to make it much easier.
Fabric of Relationships
by Cayle Rose
Written on 4/2/2009