You are who you are - there is no changing that. People change & promises get broken.
There are people who do change, but rarely for the better. Being an adult means you can overcome the negatives and embrace the positives, or even go as far to make a difference in another's life.
It is wise to have an open mind guarded by morality. Be smart; plan ahead, help others.
Be the one that is counted on, give advice and guidance, plans to be sown, weave distress unto myself and cure the needy.
Even though you may not be religious, it is indisputable that commandments circle around happiness; following them will improve your quality of life.
You can have all the money in the world - yet not be happy.
Possessions and plans - yet still fall.
I've learned over the years of personal experience that Lust always has an instant negative effect on one's life.
For example; You gamble on a winning streak, lust for more (don't know when to quit), then you lose.
Have lustful sex with many people, that's why there are STDs.
Doing things that you know is bad, but nobody will ever know you did it usually comes with shame, questioning yourself and mentality (same goes for stealing, lying , breaking stuff, etc).
Disrespecting your loved ones murders your own foundation, though one refuses to believe it, you ultimately alienate yourself.
Every bad action you take to benefit yourself, has an immediate reaction that also hurts you. Only good works both benefit yourself and those around you.
Happiness is achieved through not only commandments - but common sense and moral practices. As we are created, we are granted morality (like every child), but evil started from somewhere a
long time ago, and it has multiplied and infected generations of most people; that's only if you think of evil as a virus.
For example; Somebody steals from you, so you steal from another person.. Why spread the disease?
The individuals whom fall short of morality, tend to cheat their way to artificial happiness via the use of drugs - God is wise, thus there is an even greater opposite reaction via the use of drugs.
You can never cheat your way out of morality to achieve happiness, never.
So give up the game of being a crude jerk and start winning by becoming a better person.
Lies, Morality & Happiness
by Cayle Rose
Written on 12/2/2008