I lay here in the night outside pondering what my next blog entry should be on, I look to my neighbor's house and think about their marriage. So I decided to talk about the act of cheating and having relations someone already taken..

To cheat on your partner is one of the many - most damning deeds you can ever commit toward another person. Having an affair with one's partner, wife or husband is just as bad.

Lust is a powerful sensation, submitting to it demonstrates weakness and an immoral foundation, in this case. Which is why I will never cheat, nor engage someone already taken. It is daunting and disgraces me, I loathe the thought of it.

If your relationship has come to this, have enough regard to leave first.
Cheating once is just as bad  as a thousand times. If your partner cheats on you, don't even bother, you don't need that trash.
Lust & Cheating
by Cayle Rose
Written on 6/2/2010