Dreams, they are diverse, are they not? One moment you can be living a life of wealth and happiness; good things. Next, you can be experiencing your own concept of Hell. You may wonder why dreams are created in the first place. What do they mean? Are they telling my something? Questions.. You can only answer yourself.

The majority of dreams I have are so vivid, so real, that I wake up at times breathing heavily - heart pounding.. Voices of many I hear. Voices I am unable to recognise. They are screaming as I regain conscienceness. For help, I wonder? I think of these offurences as of nothing when I live my dayily life, the are normal to me. At times drive to a private area beside a cliff by the water tower and think about my dreams - experiences that I have not experienced.

My hands tremble and the hairs on my arms, neck and legs stand up.. I feel them. The voices, screaming for what, I do not know. I quickly think of the saying "Know GOD, No Fear. No GOD, Know Fear." I calm down and think of other things and get back in my car and drive back home and go to sleep. As I lay down, I await yet another night of demensional horror. Before I drift off, my eyes wander towards the crusifix of Jesus Christ on my wall. I'm gone.

I am now in a room with no doors, no exits. The walls are made of rusted metal, coated with blood - as is the floor. I see a man hovering across the room in a distorted manor. The lights dim to a dark yellow. My body feels like I am underwater, my balance is giving way. The figure of a man is screaming, but not a human scream. A distorted, louder scream. Like a pregnant woman being murdered as her baby is being cut out of her womb, at the same time, the baby screaming with a screw driver ran through it's neck.

The man hovers towards me. His arms are lifted at a 90 degree angle, covered in dry blood. He is wearing a crown of thorns.. It is Jesus. The screaming, so intence, so unrecognisable. He then pulls his left hand off the crusifix with the nail still in tact. He turns his hand backwards so the nail if painging towards himself, as he begins to slice open his stomach - intections spilling out. But he is not bleeding red blood. He is bleeding water.

His nipples then turn into eyes, seeping with brown rusty water. His mutalated stomach turns into a mouth, razor sharp teeth but no toung. The gigantic mouth makes up half of his torso. I can feel a gravitational pull towarss the beast, the mouth is a black hole, eternaly engolfing  everything around it. I fear my soul is about to be eaten alive and sucked into a abyss for an eternity. Jesus's head turns around 360 degrees as he is marching towards me in a corner a opens his stomach and things round me are being sucked inside this black abyss, consuming light and soon to be myself.

I wake up only to open my eyes to my crusifix, thinking. "Know GOD, No Fear. No GOD, Know Fear."
Oblisk of Dreams
by Cayle Rose
Written on 7/9/2010