Tonight I ask from my readers what they perceive as a fulfilled life. Do you favor financial security or emotional comfort? How about both? Being the fact that you can and will never know
your partner's agenda is indisputable, just how much trust can you give? The only person you can completely trust is yourself, if not, then you are what you fear and loath. I often speak to older
couples grasping their experience upon my own benefit and those whom I may disseminate. I feel indebted to the lives I enter for I have this aesthetic inclination that is a major part of my
      I ask you, what makes you feel so drawn? This feeling of love, this, - Oxytocin our brains thrust upon us with a companion makes our conscience fall to it's knees where illogical reasoning
and sacrificial demands are seen coherent. I know it is nearly impossible to disregard such emotion for love is the most powerful sensation above all else. It is imperative to take a step back and
try your best to repel such emotion and recognize that you only get one life, - one single chance for time is always against you and there is no reset.
      If you are able to free your mind from this powerful sensation, think of what you really want out of a person. Do you want financial security? Withdraw emotion and revile yourself their
goals and career, for this truly defines a person's character within.
      Can you trust enough with your own life? This is exactly what must be done before you make enormous decisions together. General people acquiesce such a question without a second
thought, that is the Oxytocin talking. Before making the decision to trust this person, understand their foundation based on their history - Did he or she ever cheat on someone? How often if
ever does this person steal. How many relationships are in question? Drug abuse or legal matters? Such precautions must be taken before you are finally able to trust someone with your life
without the tyranny of Oxytocin.
      There is no denying it, many young couples fall victim to love at a young age. The insanity which begats love dictate their partnership causing illogical decisions; Imagination becomes their
reality. You will be blinded by this sensation of love, trust and comfort. You will pray for an early marriage and feel that there is nothing stopping you. Once married you immediately desire
children without the thought of financial obligations for Oxytocin, love, will convince you that your future will be bright without question. Later on the sensation of this love, trust and comfort
will wither away leaving you with atrocious financial obligations thus the fighting starts.
      Note that when married, little irritating things this person does will magnify 10 fold, and these things will get worse as this person ages. You will be locked in this marriage for your children's
sake, one of you will start cheating, lies will become natural and treachery will set in. One of you will finally make the agonizing decision to file for divorce and once again there will be yet
another child with divorced parents which we all see today where ever we go. Ask yourself, did you make the right decisions? Were your dreams fulfilled?
      I beg my readers to heath my advice and to please be aware of your actions in a relationship for they very much may dictate the outcome of your one life which is so precious and fragile.
Recognize that there is always better
Persona of the Blind
by Cayle Rose
Written on 8/15/2010