Symphony of Sorrow & Reconciliation
I write this tonight based on my observations of others and personal entanglements.
This combination and compendium of words is for a dear friend & unto myself.
We are all ordained to experience great tragedy, with it - comes strength and wisdom.
As a civil and intelligent society, we are expected to recognize this coherently. Intricate impediments such as Love & Trust orchestrate a single goal between two individuals - Only the best of us
fall short to only obtain more strength and knowledge as needed.
Which is why it is only the best of us which fall only to become greater and passage forward. To trust another requires great belief and open confidence, whether it be 3 years, 5 years or even 20.
The ability to confined in a dissimilar spirit lies only in two individuals' joint decision.
To be the one to abandon such trust and endure your significant other's symphony of sorrow and turn the other cheek is for the weak.
Maturity is not only in decision-making, but it comes from an ideological prospective consistent to the understanding of Love, Lust, Trust and Endurance. It is one whom does not focus on
mere physical attraction of another, but to recognize the inner beauty of such a creature and fall in awe of God's creation of the human body - then focus on goals and the yearning to strive for
success and happiness as a couple.
Symphony of Sorrow & Reconciliation
by Cayle Rose
Written on 10/2/2008