I'm going to write about the force within your soul; that seemingly propetual, enduring might which drives you to reach out your hand and grab someone you care deeply about and pull
them into your own life where they will never be hurt again. That knight in shining armor we have always been told about in the fairy tales; the Private Investigator who rescues the damsel in
      These characters are very real, and hard to come by. Yet even one who tries his best beyond ego and strength, the fact is, you can not rescue someone no matter how bad you want it. You can
want it so much and have the will power of Clark Kent, but in reality, you can't move someone an inch without them willing. You may have the logic, reason, and proof to move a person out of
harm's way, but even that may not be enough.
      You must face the agonizing fact that you do not have some divine strength and endurance to rescue people that fall and fail around you. The only thing you can do is be there for her the next
time she comes around or reaches out for a hand. Demand time to stop and change the past at your own will all you want, you can't, no matter how badly you want it to.
      You will come to realize that life can't be controled to be corrected, and all of the rage that has built up inside you from this feeling of powerlessness will make you burst into tears of sorrow,
hatred, and guilt. If you could only take everyone's sins and pain into sacroficing yourself for everyone, you would, before the first beat of your heart..
The Power & Fall of Will
by Cayle Rose
Written on 3/17/2010