Having witnessed disgraceful acts of cheating brought on by the ambiance of lust, I feel driven to share a little something about lust today.
Forthcoming to today's mediocre media and the delights to the eye, lust is the most common of desires. Deeming from the creation of porn in 720bc to the creation of the calculator in 1967, life
has been run on brain power - where today is it run by technology. There was such a thing as pride and morals, people would leave their cars unlocked and keys inside without worry. People
were intelligent and had imagination before all of this mind-numbing technology.
Living in a society where technology thinks for us, my people have no desire to learn and use their imagination.
Learning seems obsolete due to the internet holding all of the answers. For Einstein said, "Do not learn what you have access to."
Imagination is antediluvian and replaced by movies.
Exploration is archaic from controlled tabloid media; even talking about a dead little girl for 2 years.
Our yearning for role models has been corrupted by today's fashion and exploitation of women.
My fellow man has lost the instinct to create, now replaced by the leering lust for women. No more are individuals seen for their heart and beautiful mind, but now simply the exterior with
constant competition with body modification via surgery for the ideal woman.
Individuality has ceased..
Today's man is merely a 44 year old buck-toothed horny teenager with selfish ill intentions and no mature goals thinking of his next bitch. Dating is now a priority, rather than a subsequent
Lust of flesh is nothing more than mindless fluff which robs you of your intelligence and productive priorities.
The Product of Lust
by Cayle Rose
Written on 9/14/2010