Denominations of High School
by Cayle Rose
Written on 10/30/2008
                High school is more like a social battle ground more than a learning compound. It can be very difficult depending on what type of personality one has. For those who are more socially
dominate, they are into physical subjects; one is listed in a jock category. Ones who desire to care more of self-satisfaction and organization, are nerds. For those stuck in the middle of self-
righteousness with social and personal satisfaction, they are called preps. These are the three main categories who have all better qualities of the other, condemned in an unjustifiable egotistical
eternal power struggle until the 12th grade, and sometimes carrying out through college and life. This is a technical way of illustrating these three classes of individuals and presenting an actual
form of lives in these categories. These fictional characters are illustrations, not real people.
                Cayle is seventeen years old in the twelfth grade. He is on the football team as team captain playing for the Mississippi Prolapses. There is no question that he is a jock, always working
out, benching 450lbs with his girlfriend. He may be popular, but popularity comes with a price, idiocy. He always mars in the name of his books in class, but actually he’s troubled with
assignments. The coach tells him to get higher grades or else he will be kicked off the team, which only makes Cayle want to beat up John, the school nerd. Cayle tries to get in John’s head, like
making John feel like he will die if he does not finish Cayle’s assignments on time. Cayle has a lot of friends out of school though, who are mostly admiring preps. He does not work, yet still
manages to make a living off hustling and mugging. He has many family issues which is why he wants to join the military and cripple John once in a while.
                John, being the school nerd is ritually beaten by Cayle and lives a miserable life socially, but he is always making straight A’s, which will give him the upper hand after high school. He
has a crush on Jennifer, the school prep, who takes advantage of nerds and loves on jocks for the social satisfaction. John has always been used and abused in school; he’s been beaten from time
to time and taken advantage of. Over the last three years of high school he has broken fourteen bones, lost two gallons of blood, been shot three times, once in the groin. These happenings have
made him bipolar with multiple personalities, one moment he’s a horny school girl, the next he’s a hardcore nerd, reading until his eyes are bloodshot. Being shot at and knocked up can do a lot
to a fourteen year old in the twelfth grade. John also has a tumor in his brain, giving him seizers. Roomer spread about this in school, once the jocks found out about it they wanted to see if this
was true, so they punched him in the head and saw him drop in the hallway shaking around, they did it for laughs. John is now temporally retarded, even though with his handicap, he is still
forced to do the jock’s assignments and beaten up. He is said to be normal again next year, too bad he’s going to have to retake the twelfth grade due to his mental state, but that wont matter
much, he will be fifteen next year.
                Jennifer is the school perp. She is very cool, popular, social, and not to mention, easy. She makes average grades and sluts around the jocks, playing with their jock-straps with her teeth,
sitting on their laps expecting a gift from Santa Clause. She never misses a party and takes advantage of nerds to do her bidding. In general, she is very nice to people, plans on doing everything
and probably everyone by graduation. When she can’t do homework (being that she’s always going to the movies with different guys every night), she flirts with, or used to flirt with John before
his handicap to get him to feel sorry for her and do her work. Now she flirts with her teacher, Kimberly, who is pretty much a big dike to get that extra credit. She considers her first kiss from her
cousin Brad at age nine. Now she’s sixteen and ritually going to the hospital for surgery from the jocks prolapsing her, which she doesn’t mind. She is now pregnant with twelve children whom
she had within a period of five years; she was able to accomplish this by the gift of abortion.
                In the end, the world pretty much balances out life. Cayle will be working for John, Cayle will be dating Jennifer, John will be dating Jennifer, John will be working with Jennifer, Jennifer
will bare Cayle and John’s children in which together they have ten retarded, three normal, ten gay/lesbian and one omnisexual, paying child support at 12,000 a month. Cayle will finally break
free from his ironic life and join the military which he will latter die from juggling grenades. John will be wealthy, but miserable. Jennifer will stop having children at age thirty, and then sell the
children to Mexicans cashing out at 2.1million Euros, including child support. John had to file bankruptcy for hiring lawyers to defend him from allegedly disposing his children to Mexicans.
Cayle is still rotting in the grave, missing his face. Jennifer has died from two pounds of cocaine. Nobody had come to their high school reunion because everybody was either in jail, missing, or
dead. Ironically, high school is said to be the best years of life, which we now know is a lie.