Drug Song
by Cayle Rose
Written on 2/22/2010
i woke up at 6 in tha morning
with urine on my mind..
my fuck boss wants a drug test
i have so much to lose
im all druged up and fucked up
my hands said not to worry
thanks to
financial aid
ill buy a bag of urine
it'll be the biggest baag
anyone would ever see!
ill prove that im sober
how could he ever doubt me
i walked out my room half naked
stumbled the apartment bathroom
lookin at the mirror

there i am
wavin 20 bucks around
beggin for some PEE
a nice man that looked like me
said he'd give it FREE

he pulled hit pants down
his crabs were attackin me
i grabbed tha bag
hauled ass
started my -fuck- car

i was swervin in tha lines
splattered a coupple children
no thats not a crime?!?
flew ontop the hospital
shot up- just for luck

i floated inside
waited in line
readied my bag of urine
some asian fuck - padded me Downn.....
my hands said "epic fail"

there it goes
my one true love
goldennn yelloww...
he floated away with my bag of piss
i took a deep breth of water
grabbed my cup
swam to tha bathroom
looked in the mirror...

there he was
lookin at me
sellin another bag of pee
i bought it
drank it
pissed it..

stay away from me
i got my bag of pee